Baseball Gregg

ARTIST — pop

Baseball Gregg is a pop duo from Stockton by way of Italy.
Just a few months after the release of ‘Vacation’, Baseball Gregg is back with a new EP, which was recorded last August during their Italian tour. On ‘Ciao For Now’, the group’s third release in three years, Gregg explores new sonic territories. They have left behind the tropical, pastelle sounds in favor of digital synths and acidic snares; the EP feels clear-headed compared to the groups previous work.
The experimental pop philosophy of the EP continues to push forward throughout the disc, in homage to the extravagance of Italian singer-songwriter Franco Battiato and the fun-loving attitude found on the 1965 record Beach Boys’ Party!
The EP begins with two propelling songs, ‘Purgatory’s Pleasant’ and ‘Food Is Gross’, in which frantic cumbia-inspired rhythms follow Baseball Gregg in their attempt to properly digest the world around them. The psychedelic and frantic kraut rhythms of ‘Till the End of Time’ speak of escapism, followed by ‘Restless’, the most traditional pop song on the EP and a welcome return to Gregg’s previous sound.
The EP finishes with ‘Boston’, in which Gregg takes a step off the dance floor to contemplate the larger world around them. Joined by label-mate Setti, Gregg contemplates the personality of Boston, a city they have never visited, and find peace in the vastness of the world.