ARTIST — pop, singer/songwriter

Bianco is a singer-songwriter from Turin. His debut album, entitled “Nostalgina” and published on April 1st 2011, was the first ever release by the independent Italian label INRI, whereas the following one, “Storia Del Futuro“, allowed Bianco to establish himself as one of the most promising Italian artists of his generation.
After being encharged of the music production of Levante’s debut album “Manuale Distruzione“, Bianco released his third record, “Guardare Per Aria”, in 2015.
Bianco later focused both on writing new material and on an intense live activity with his band sharing the stage with Niccolò Fabi.
Anticipated by two singles, “Felice” and “30 40 50“, and by their music videos, Bianco’s brand new album “Quattro” is set to come out on January 19th.