Bruno Belissimo

ARTIST — electronic, disco, instrumental

Photo credit: Erminando Aliaj
Bruno Belissimo is a Italian-Canadian Dj/Producer and Multi-instrumentalist.
One of two twin brothers of an Italian immigrant family landed in Canada in the 70’s, Bruno spent his childhood in the suburbs of Toronto where his father owned a movie-rental business and was the director of independent sci-fi movies, and his mother would manage a small cafè in St.Clarens area, the biggest Italian suburb of the city and artists’ meeting point in the neighborhood.
Bruno grew up in a very creative environment, perhaps for this reason, when he was just a bit more than a child, he showed a great predisposition to music. At 8 he was already the best singer of the Baptist Church ‘The Little Lord’s Singers’ and later he won a scholarship at the ‘Royal Conservatory of Music’ of Toronto where he began to study upright bass and composition.
In the following years, Bruno got interested in electronic music, so he began to produce his first tracks pouring the foundation of his own style, made by refined disco programming and groovy bass lines with a unique playing and sound.