Elephant Claps


Ears designed to capture melodies, paws that mark multi-groove and a polyphonic proboscis: these are the characteristics that make Elephant Claps unique, surprising musical project and its debut album with an album, homonym, released on April 14th, 2017. Six are the faces that ride this curious pachyderm and that rely solely on their voices, without the need for any other tools, to compose and propose their own music. The challenge is to demonstrate how air, pressure, and vocal cords are more than enough to draw a colorful universe of Afro-funk-jazz sounds. There is the jazz tone of Mila Trani and Serena Ferrara, queens of loop station and vocal improvisation. There is the warm voice of Naima Faraò, the group’s soul woman. There is Gian Marco Trevisan, who lays his trusty guitar to amaze as a tenor. There is the groove of André Michel Arraiz Rivas, the beatbox that makes the pachyderm march. And then there’s Matteo Rossetti, a natural bass with a giant vocal extension.