ARTIST — pop, electronic, r&b

Dreamy soundscapes, urban beats and nordic coolness is what you get when you throw Positano, Milan, and Gothenburg into a mix. Follow that with Claudio Pallone, Alfonso Fusco, and Aldo Axha and you get Emmecosta; a Gothenburg based post-club trio. Developing their sound around that dream like time when you’re walking home from a night out accompanied only by the sunrise.

Both Claudio and Alfonso are from Positano and grew up playing music together. Aldo on the other hand is from Milan and came to Sweden to study Anthropology of Art. Having moved to Sweden around the same time, and with backgrounds as students they came into contact. Music built up their friendship, and music will build up their careers. Claudio, Alfonso, and Aldo moved to Sweden because they needed a new backdrop for their music, a place far enough away from home it would allow fresh approaches and ideas. It didn’t take long for Emmecosta to understand that Gothenburg was the place for them. The northern air has impacted their overall sound, creating a somewhat new alphabet.

The guys had been playing together for a few years when they were adopted by the Swedish boutique music label ICEA back in 2015 and together they have been spreading their dream-pop soundscapes starting with the debut single ‘Brontos’ and following up with ‘Snowboy’ that same year and following them up with Emmecosta’s first EP “Untied” released in January 2016. At the end of 2016 and the dawn of 2017 we saw two new singles “His Power of Youth” and “Miguel” and they built up to the “Velour EP” released late August 2017.

During these two years the band has played several shows in Sweden, but also a couple of international shows like JAJAJA in Berlin together with CHINAH and M-Band, and in London opening for Chimes and playing a slot at the Rockaway Beach Festival alongside Young Fathers & Ghostpoet