Francesco Gabbani

ARTIST — pop

Francesco Gabbani is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Tuscany. He was born in Carrara (MS) on September 9th1982 and he was introduced to the world of music at a very young age, thanks in part to the fact that his family owned the only music shop in town. At the age of 4 he became acquainted with the drums, and at 9 he began to study the guitar. He then spent his adolescence in an emotional whirlwind which convinced him that expressing himself through his music would be his reason for living.

He signed his first record deal when he was 18 years old, which allowed his band at the time, TRIKOBALTO, to record an album produced by Alex Neri and Marco Baroni of Planet Funk.

The videos of the two singles taken from the album were rotated on all the main music channels (MTV, All Music, RockTV etc.) and led TRIKOBALTO to play some of the most important Italian music festivals, including the HEINEKEN JAMMIN FESTIVAL, as well as taking part in the RockTV nights and even opening for OASIS for their only Italian date at the BlueNote in Milan.

In the wake of the success of their first record, Trikobalto released their second album in 2010, produced by Marco Patrignani.

The album’s release was followed by a tour of France and a video for “Preghiera Maledetta”. Trikobalto were then chosen as support for the STEREOPHONICS’ only Italian show and were among the guests at the PALAFIORI in SANREMO during the 2010 edition of the Festival.

In the spring of 2010, Francesco decided to leave the band before signing a new record deal in order to embark on his first solo project.

In the summer of 2011, he released the single “ESTATE” and, that autumn, a video came out for “MALEDETTO AMORE”, a song taken from the soundtrack of “L’AMORE FA MALE” by Mirca Viola.

In 2013, he released his first solo album entitled “GREITIST IZ”, which spawned the singles “I Dischi Non Si Suonano” and “Clandestino”.

In 2015, Francesco began working with BMG Rights Management (Italy) as a writer and signed an exclusive contract with them.

In October 2015, BMG Rights Management (Italy) presented Francesco at the trials for the Sanremo youth category with the song “AMEN”.

Having been selected by the jury for the Sanremo youth category, he also passed the selection procedure live on Rai1 on November 27th, and he officially became one of the 8 artists who would participate in the 2016 edition of the Sanremo Festival in the “New Acts” category.

On February 12th Francesco Gabbani won the New Acts category of the 66th edition of the Festival of Sanremo with “Amen”, also taking the Mia Martini Critics Prize and the Sergio Bardotti Prize for best lyrics. Co-written with Fabio Ilacqua, “Amen” is a comprehensive representation of Gabbani’s musical world, as behind the simple freshness of the melody lies a sarcastic intention to encourage reflection on the way we live in modern times.

February 12th 2016 saw the release of “Eternamente Ora” through BMG Rights Management (Italy).This new record was composed of eight brand new tracks, produced by Patrizio “Pat” Simonini and recorded at Milan’s Kaneepa Studio. This was an important record which marked a turning point in Francesco’s artistic career, and was a perfect depiction of the new journey he had undertaken. The record entered the Top 20 of the Italian Gfk-Fimi album chart just four weeks after it was released.

On February 17th, he began an in-store promo tour and “Amen” achieved significant radio success, being played by all the main commercial radio stations and remaining at the top of the radio airplay charts for several weeks.

On April 3rd, during a guest appearance on the TV programme “Che tempo che fa”, hosted by Fabio Fazio, Luciana Littizzetto presented Francesco Gabbani with a Gold Disc for the single “Amen”, having sold more than 25,000 copies.

In May, he began the tour to promote “Eternamente Ora”, which was organised by International Music and Arts. After a warm-up show on May 5th at the S. Antonio Auditorium in Morbegno, the tour began in earnest on May 12th at the Salumeria della Musica in Milan.

On May 6th, radio stations began playing the new single and title track of the album “Eternamente Ora”, co-written with Fabio Ilacqua and accompanied by a video which you can watch via the following link:

The tour continued throughout Italy until September attracting great audiences. Gabbani also opened shows for national and international stars of the calibre of Franco Battiato, Anastacia, Simply Red and Francesco Renga.

September saw the release of the new single “In Equilibrio”, accompanied by a video directed by Gaetano Morbioli (

On November 11th, a new album entitled “Le Migliori” was released by Mina and Adriano Celentano. The only track on the album sung by Adriano Celentano alone, “Il bambino col fucile”, featured Francesco Gabbani not only as a songwriter (words and music) but also as a musician (he played guitar on the song) and arranger together with Celso Valli.

On December 9th, BMG Rights Management (Italy) released the original soundtrack of the film “POVERI MA RICCHI” by Fausto Brizzi, featuring music written and composed by Francesco Gabbani. The main song on the soundtrack, “Foglie al Gelo”, written and performed by Francesco, was aired for the first time on radio on December 9th. The video for the single, directed by Gabriele Lucchetti, contains images from the film interspersed by footage of Francesco Gabbani miming the song in his beloved Apuan Alps (

On December 12th, Carlo Conti announced that Francesco Gabbani would be among the main competitors in the 67th edition of the Sanremo Festival with “Occidentali’s Karma”, a song he wrote with his bother Filippo, Fabio Ilacqua and Luca Chiaravalli.

On February 9th, the day after Francesco’s performance at the Ariston, “Occidentali’s Karma” began receiving radio airplay and became available on all the digital download and streaming platforms as well as on vevo/youtube. It was accompanied by a video directed by Gabriele Lucchetti of BluzzMedia and released on coloured vinyl as a numbered and limited edition seven-inch single (1000 copies).

On February 11th 2017 Francesco Gabbani won the 67th edition of the Sanremo Festival with “Occidentali’s Karma”, becoming the first artist in the history of the festival to win the New Acts category and the main prize in consecutive years. As well as the festival, he also won the TIMmusic Prize for the most listened-to song on the music streaming platform of the same name. He also announced his participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Kiev in May.

On February 14th, Vevo announced that the video for “Occidentali’s Karma” had reached 4,353,802 views on Sunday February 12th 2017, making it the most-watched video in a single day by any Italian artist ever.

Francesco Gabbani went back into the studio to record a new album with producer Luca Chiaravalli. The album will be called “Magellano” and will feature the single “Occidentali’s Karma”. It will be released on April 28th by BMG Rights management (Italy).

On February 20th, after topping the radio airplay singles chart, “Occidentali’s Karma” reached another important milestone officially acknowledged by the FIMI: in just one week the single went gold after more than 25,000 downloads and streaming listens.

On February 27th, “Occidentali’s Karma” went platinum after achieving more than 50,000 downloads and streaming listens.

The success of “Occidentali’s Karma” was absolute and across the board. The song has been a smash hit not only on the radio and in the charts but also on the internet and on TV, where a movement has spontaneously sprung up in support of the song.

On March 6th, a new eagerly awaited tour was announced which is due to start in Verona on June 19th.

On March 13th, “Occidentali’s Karma” , still at the top of the charts, went double platinum and its video surpassed 50 million views.

On April 2nd, Gabbani took part in the London Eurovision Party, the first of the Eurovision pre-parties which, in the following weeks, will see him performing in Amsterdam and Moscow before the main event which will take place in Ukraine between May 9th and 13th.

On April 3rd, “Occidentali’s Karma” was certified as triple platinum.

The video has surpassed 100 million views.

“Magellano”, the album which contains “Occidentali’s Karma”, is out on April 28th on BMG Rights Management (Italy). The same days sees the beginning of a promotional in-store tour to present the new record.