Jessica Einaudi

ARTIST — dark, pop

Jessica Einaudi is a Berlin-based Italian singer-songwriter and visual artist.
Born in Milano, Italy, and raised in a very artistic environment, she quickly decided to turn her passion for music into her work, writing songs and working with other musicians. Her first significant experience was singing in the choir of the performance ‘Noise Mass’ by New York Brazilian musician Arto Lindsay, touring Italy in December 2006.
In 2007 she formed with musician and producer Federico Albanese the dream-pop project ‘La Blanche Alchimie’; the duo released two albums and gained national and international critical attention for their melancholic and haunting, intermingling mellow acoustics and rock infused dreamscapes.
In Berlin, where she moved that same year, Jessica started to write her debut solo album ‘Melt’, produced by Federico Albanese. Blending diverse musical influences that range from traditional folk to experimental electronica, the album features haunting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes, always undermined by Einaudi’s unique lead vocal and harmonies. Melt” was released october 2014 under the stage name J Moon.
At the same time, she took part in various art exhibitions in Berlin and Milan and she illustrated and directed her own visionary animation music video for her song “Poison”.
In 2015 Einaudi collaborated with American musician Brian Pyle aka Ensemble Economique on the single ‘You by Candlelight’ taken from his album ‘Blossoms in Red’. The track was premiered on Pitchfork, which described it as “a perfect setting for the mellifluous vocals of Jessica Einaudi.
Singing short phrases surrounded by pregnant pauses, she conjures an atmosphere somewhere between the best Mimi Parkersung Low songs and the work of Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti on David Lynch’s soundtracks (Mark Masters, Pitchfork).
Jessica Einaudi’s new full length album will see the light in early autumn 2018. The album was produced by Jessica herself and her long time trusted collaborator Federico Albanese and mixed in Berlin at Vox Ton Studio by Francesco Donadello.