ARTIST — pop, electronic

Lemandorle is written like this, as one word.
Lemandorle have a beard.
Lemandorle are punk: with computers, Google and techonology they replace guitars, bass and drums.
Lemandorle love contradictions and don’t have a sense of belonging.
Lemandorle are two people: they are part DJs, part producers, part songwriters.
Lemandorle love Kanye West, The Stooges and Enzo Carella.
Lemandorle were born in a traffic jam on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria on an august afternoon of the 80s, while “Musica E’” by Eros Ramazzotti was playing on the radio.
Lemandorle only want to be loved without prejudice.
Lemandorle are a colorblind pop project that moves from geolocalized memories to global ambitions. They use a Mac, a microphone and three-minute songs to tell any kind of story, described with images, as if life was a Pinterest dashboard.
Everything has already been said and written.
Lemandorle know it and aren’t pretentious: they’re only happy to finally play at the adults’ table.