ARTIST — experimental, traditional

Machweo exists since 2012 as the moniker used by Giorgio Spedicato to call his electronic-oriented music project. Machweo was a solo project for the first five years in which two LPs were released on Flying Kids Records (2013 and early 2016). Both LPs were followed by a massive non-stop tour all around Italy, thanks also to national radio streaming and excellent reviews on paper and web. In the summer of 2016 Giorgio Spedicato decided to go deeper in his personal musical investigation, a real human connection and the rituality linked to it was everything that mattered and everything that was missing in his solo show. Primitive Music is an album composed by Giorgio Spedicato and played by the truly talented musicians Dario Martorana, Marco Vecchio and Antonio Rapa. The album came out on March 23rd 2018 via Lefse Records.