Malika Ayane

ARTIST — pop

Gifted with an extremely personal voice, Italian soul-pop singer Malika Ayane is one of the most successful young female artists of the local music scene of recent years. Born on January 31, 1984 in Milan from an Italian mother and a Moroccan father, Ayane studied cello at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in the same city, and in the 1990s she became member of the Scala Theater’s choir. In the following years, after teaming up with producer Ferdinando Arnò, she recorded songs for some television commercials, gaining the attention of former singer Caterina Caselli. Through Caselli’s involvement, Ayane was signed to the Sugar Music label, and in 2008 she made her debut with an album simply titled Malika Ayane, including the singles “Sospesa” and “Feeling Better,” the latter peaking at number six on the Italian charts.

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