Smokey Fingers

ARTIST — rock

Smokey Fingers were founded in 2008 by Daniele Vacchini (drums), Gianluca Paterniti (vocals),
Fabrizio Costa (bass guitar) and Diego Dragoni (guitar), brought together by their passion for ’60s and ’70s Southern and Classic Rock. After a self-produced EP, their debut album “Columbus Way” – produced by Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Mitch Malloy, Axe, Lionville) for Tanzan Music was released in 2011 and made the band widely known throughout Europe and America. “Columbus Way” was voted best debut album of 2011 by the site Rocknytt (Sweden), and it’s considered one of the best Southern Rock albums of 2011.
This allowed the band to achieve popularity in Europe in a live perspective too, by playing some well-known festivals, such as the 20th anniversary edition of the great Show Bike Aquitaine (2014) –attended by almost 20 thousand bikers and enthusiasts over two days – and the Southern Rock & Blues Festival in Kolin in the Czech Republic. In 2012 Smokey Fingers won the first edition of the Next Rock Festival in Siena (Italy) with their song “Crazy Woman”.
The new single “The Road Is My Home” has been released on June 2016 by Tanzan Music and programmed by Virgin Radio.
The latest album “Promised Land” came out in September 2016 on Tanzan Music.