The Jackson Pollock

ARTIST — punk, garage

We are just two people who started a band not ‘cause it’s cool, but ‘cause we felt it too bad. So we won’t bother you about how we met, what we eat, what our favorite colors are, other “famous” bands/people we know, what happens if you put a mentos in a fuel tank; don’t expect something polished, we make it RAW ‘n’ LOUD! While playing our music, the more you feel getting hit, the more we are loving you!! Instead of pursuing a fake hi-quality we like to keep it real in an old Lo-Fi fashion, using all sorts of junk we stumble on; after all, every song comes out following an internal stream, schemeless from unknown instruments amplified by post-war P.A. tube amps, distorted by modded homemade stompboxes.
We don’t really know what we are playing or singing or doing in general, but we do it…
…’cause that’s too much fun!!

Emily (voice and drums) and Reginald (guitar / bass guitar).