Weaving Dust

ARTIST — pop, electronic

Weaving Dust is an electronic music act composed by Michele di Martino and Stefano Proietti.
The encounter between the two artists, coming from different music genres, has given birth to a hybrid style, which mixes the dark sounds of electronics, dub, and trip-hop with the warmth and poetry of soul music.

On 15th of December 2017, they released the single “Too Blind To See”, which anticipated their first “Ritual For Stars” EP published by the German label Church Of Eden.

On 22nd of December 2017, they released their highly acclaimed remix of “The Loneliest Man In Space” by Norwegian artist Of Norway on German label Connaisseur Recordings. A few days later, the single has been featured on the “Best Of The Week” playlist by Apple Music Germany.

Among the artist that have influenced the duo’s music, there are Massive Attack, Radiohead, Burial James Blake, Moderat, and Sampha.