Fresh Yo!


Fresh Yo! Label is an independent label that was born in 2010.
Fresh Yo! productions are quite different from each other and include abstract HIP-HOP, folk, IDM, soul and electronic genres with its different fading and varieties.
Fresh Yo! Produces digital and physical products such as cd, dvd, vinyls and merchandising.
Fresh Yo! offers a strong quality of products and all of them are carefully manicured on each aspect that connects to the design and so on.
Behind Fresh Yo! Label, there are: Edoardo Fracassi who is the manager and sound engineer, Simone Brillarelli who is the art director, Niccolo’ Brighella who is the communication manager and Jonathan Calugi who is the graphic designer, his work is extremely personal and recognizable.
They consider every single product a story that is created by an artist through his sensibility; then, it goes to be reinterpreted by Fresh Yo! Staff, in a group of sounds, images and emotions.
The purpose of Fresh Yo! Label is to discover new talent and promote new artistic individuality that could disappear in an overcrowded and homogenized auto productions universe.