INDUSTRY | Management, Label

METATRON is a company founded in 2004 with offices in Milan and Turin.
We work with everything that revolves around Music. Our core business is management and record label. Our love for music is boundless: we believe in art and creativity in every form. For this reason, we invest in artists of any genre and have founded four record labels.

INRI is the main one counting more than 50 artists and 60 records releases up until now; besides that we focus and promote also other kinds of music through our smaller labels: INRI classic (Neoclassical), Coffin Records (Electronic) and Nereau Records (Techno).
Our goal has always been the same: transforming exciting and unique ideas into reality, trying to get it into the ears and the hearts of as many people as possible. We are musicians, creators and managers, all driven by the same passion and love for music. We were the ones who could not stand still in school, those who come up with an idea but already have ten thousands more in mind.