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MusicalZOO is a no-profit association born in 2008 aiming at promoting artistic and cultural events within Brescia territory. Since 2009 it has been organizing MusicalZOO, #MZOO, music and arts festival taking place in the Castle of Brescia. The Castle is the artistic and architectural pride of the city. It is a medieval fortress, on the Cidneo hill, in the city center. The castle has been under-exploited but with MusicalZOO it becomes the perfect stage for music and arts, both local and international. We tried to value every single part of the castle, respecting and protecting its patrimony. The Fossa Viscontea is used an outdoor dance-hall for electronic music and hip-hop; Cannoniera a place where people can listen, confront and discuss; Bastione San Marco an area for video installations and experimental sounds; AlBazaar a cozy field for acoustic and intimate live set.
In the previous editions, we hosted artists as Clark, Lucy, The Field, Zola Jesus, Verdena, Lone, Clap Clap, Helena Hauff, Lorenzo Senni, Populous, Mellow Mood, Powell, Dasha Rush, The KVB & many others.

Via del Castello Brescia