Ponderosa Art & Music

INDUSTRY | Promoter, Label, Booking

Ponderosa is a multifaceted production agency active in the field of music, culture, and art. Our specialization is planning and organizing concerts and live events. Every ponderosa production includes a wide range of cultural aspects, making each one of them a multilayered, expressive event, often combining music performances with exhibitions.

A new and modern approach to record production is what ponderosa Music&Art, promoter and organizer of prestigious festivals, aims to take. To do this, we have created a label that works with artists at all levels, from the creative phase of a project to the artistic production, making of the record, promotion, booking and live shows. We like to take on board soloists and groups that we have fallen in love with right from the moment we first heard them, making it easy to dedicate ourselves to them with care and above all with all passion.

Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 1 20123 Milano Italy