What we do, how we can help you, how to get in touch with us

What we do

Italia Music Export-SIAE’s aim is to promote Italian music worldwide, boost music export revenues and to support Italian music companies going global. Italia Music Export-SIAE is a service and resource center for exporters of Italian music: we develop promotion tools and international partnerships for musicians and companies within the Italian music industry. Here are some of our core activities:

  • Promotion of Italian music through our website, newsletter, playlists, database and PR activity
  • Provide access to information on Italian artists and companies
  • Facilitate networking between Italian and international music professionals
  • Represent Italian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals
  • Facilitate the participation of Italian artists, labels and other companies to trade shows, conferences and festivals
  • Arrange free seminars and workshops for Italian music professionals to provide knowledge regarding music export on all levels
  • Provide the Italian music industry with information, knowledge and fresh news about music export and the international music business
  • Provide funding and travel support for export activities
  • We keep up-to-date on all types of governmental funding that may prove valuable to music professionals

How can we help you

While supporting the Italian music business, Italia Music Export-SIAE also advises and assists international professionals interested in working with Italian artists and companies. We can:

  • Provide access to information on Italian artists and companies
  • Put you in touch with Italian artists, management, booking agencies, labels and other companies
  • Organise networking events with Italian industry professionals (in Italy and abroad)
  • Invite you to Italian festivals and conferences
  • Keep you updated on the Italian music industry and help you discover new Italian music 
  • Give advice and information on the Italian music industry

To find out more about how Italia Music Export-SIAE can help you, please feel free to contact us.


Opening hours: Mon-Fri / 9:00-18:00
Address: Foro Buonaparte 18, 20121 – Milan, Italy.
Getting here: The office is located between metro stops Lanza and Cairoli (M1-M2). For further information about public transport, visit ATM’s Journey planner
Phone: +39 02.864.96.238 or 257
E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com


Nur Al Habash 

E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com
Phone: +39 02.864.96.238



Chiara Gallerani 

E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com
Phone: +39 02.864.96.257


Italia Music Export is an office founded and financially supported by SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers).