What we do, how we can help you, how to get in touch with us

What we do

Italia Music Export’s aim is to promote Italian music worldwide, boost music export revenues and to support Italian music companies going global. Italia Music Export is a service and resource center for exporters of Italian music: we develop promotion tools and international partnerships for musicians and companies within the Italian music industry. Here are some of our core activities:

  • Promotion of Italian music through our website, newsletter, playlists, database and PR activity
  • Provide access to information on Italian artists and companies
  • Facilitate networking between Italian and international music professionals
  • Represent Italian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals
  • Facilitate the participation of Italian artists, labels and other companies to trade shows, conferences and festivals
  • Arrange free seminars and workshops for Italian music professionals to provide knowledge regarding music export on all levels
  • Provide the Italian music industry with information, knowledge and fresh news about music export and the international music business
  • Provide funding and travel support for export activities
  • We keep up-to-date on all types of governmental funding that may prove valuable to music professionals

How can we help you

While supporting the Italian music business, Italia Music Export also advises and assists international professionals interested in working with Italian artists and companies. We can:

  • Provide access to information on Italian artists and companies
  • Put you in touch with Italian artists, management, booking agencies, labels and other companies
  • Organise networking events with Italian industry professionals (in Italy and abroad)
  • Invite you to Italian festivals and conferences
  • Keep you updated on the Italian music industry and help you discover new Italian music 
  • Give advice and information on the Italian music industry

To find out more about how Italia Music Export can help you, please feel free to contact us.


Opening hours: Mon-Tue / 9:00-18:00, Wed-Fri / 9:00-15.30
Address: Via Omboni, 5, 20129 – Milan, Italy.
Getting here: The office is located between metro stops Moscova and Turati (M2-M3). For further information about public transport, visit ATM’s Journey planner
Phone: +39 02.864.96.238 or 257
E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com

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Nur Al Habash – Italia Music Lab – Director 

E-mail: info@italiamusiclab.com


Chiara Gallerani – Italia Music Export – Project Manager 

E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com


Matilde Cavalli – Italia Music Export – Music Export Consultat

E-mail: info@italiamusicexport.com


Italia Music Export is part of and financially supported by Italia Music Lab Foundation