72H-HOUR POST FIGHT and Ginevra Nervi performing at MENT Ljubljana!

MENT Ljubljana, a three-day music discovery festival of fresh artists from all of Europe and beyond, will be celebrate from 9 to 11 June 2021. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity. 72H-HOUR POST FIGHT and Ginevra Nervi are the Italian artists selected to perform at MENT 2021.


Let’s have a look at them!



DAY 9 / FRIDAY 11. 6. 2021
h 21:00 CEST @ Švicarija


This genre-bending project is unique on the Italian music scene. Its hybrid nature and versatile live format combine elements of electroacoustic music, downtempo, and ambient with jazz, math rock, hip-hop, and emo. Their self-titled debut album is a single entity without pauses, oscillating between leftfield musical passages, jazz interventions, field recordings, sharp guitars, and hip-hop drum breaks. Following an intense tour that included some of Italy’s most famous venues and festivals alongside international acts like James Blake, Battles, Black Midi, and Andy Stott, the band released a two-single EP on which their traditional elements find a new equilibrium and a more vivid and defined form.

“Forget about trap, songwriters, genre boundaries and try to think of something more contaminated and out of any definition, something original, visionary, experimental, merging electronic music, improvisation, beat and jazz.”






DAY 6 / TUESDAY 8. 6. 2021
h 21:00 CEST @ Švicarija

The Italian artist attributes different rules to her exploration of the voice and seeks completeness through the research of electronic music that is mainly based on vocal timbres and the use of different sound manipulation techniques. Nervi’s artistic endeavors include her solo project as a songwriter and producer, and soundtracks for movies, short films, and documentaries. In 2020, she released the single P!2, which manifests her musical conception; a sonic stream of consciousness deeply rooted in the power of the word. Musically, this is reflected in the complex sonic layers that breathe life into her compositions. In her latest conceptual masterpiece “Klastós”, Nervi further expands her journey towards the reconstruction of one’s existence.


“As a solo artist, she focuses on the behavior and effect of vocals within an electronic composition.”
Freddie Hudson, INVERTED AUDIO