Calibro 35 announce the new album ‘Decade’. Check the album teaser.

Calibro 35 are back with a new album.
Italian super cult combo announce today the release date of ‘Decade‘, their 6th much-awaited studio album.
‘Decade’ will be out on 9th February 2018 on Record Kicks.

Lead by Muse and Franz Ferdinand studio producer, Tommaso Colliva, the band reunite the very best indie rock italian musician, who usually collaborate with international act as Mike Patton, PJ Harvey or Daniel Jonhston to name a few.

“DECADE” marks 10 years of Calibro 35’s releases and it’s the very first album recorded by Calibro with an orchestral-inspired enlarged line-up that features horns, strings and percussions. Mixed and recorded by CALIBRO’s usual suspect and Grammy Award winner Tommaso Colliva, on the album all the influences collected by the band during their last ten years’ journey like music, collaborations, movies, gigs, books find their space. “DECADE” is CALIBRO 35’s “time capsule” and is as rare and complex as a timeless work.

Watch the album teaser below:

Here’s the album cover:

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