Claudia is on The Sofa and Piqued Jacks live at Liverpool sound City 2022

Get ready for this weekend with the 15th anniversary of Liverpool sound City!

Liverpool Sound City is a three day festival that will take place around Liverpool city area and aims at showcasing new talents of the English and European music scene. It is an event organised both for professionals and fans and hosts conferences and showcases also open to the wider public.

Sound City is also the UK lead festival for Keychange, an initiative pledging to achieve 50:50 gender balance in the music industry.

In this edition Italian artist Claudia Is On The Sofa and the band Piqued Jacks will be playing at the festival.

Claudia Is On The Sofa sings of the beauty of nature and the stories of people. She played live all over Europe and Italy. Her music is an encounter between nature, art and concepts. She collaborates with artists such as Angelo Bordiga and Stefano Ogliari Badessi Sob and she also collaborates with scientists and sound artists in SoniCosmos to create sonification of astrophysical data concerning galaxies.


LIVE at Kazamier Stockroom
H 22:20 – 23:00 PM
Sunday May 1st, 2022



Piqued Jacks Alt/rock band from Italy with an international appeal. The band is pure energy and their name was inspired by an accidental breaking of an audio jack and the word Piqued was added to address their spontaneity. The band played around many Italian cities and also around the world, participating in the Canadian Music Week and at the Los Angeles Musexpo.


LIVE at Kazamier Stockroom
H 21:30 – 22:00 PM
Sunday May 1st, 2022