Cristina Russo, Arya, La Hasna and Murdah SRVC performing at NEW SKOOL rules 2021

NEW SKOOL rules – taking place online on 28.29.30 May 2021 –  unveils its programme, including Italian artists Cristina Russo, Arya, La Hasna, and Murdah SRVC.

A three-day international Urban Music Conference and Festival with a large number of conferences, panels, interviews, masterclasses, listening sessions, networking, founding opportunities and live Facebook concerts.

The ticket includes access to all online content, meanwhile, the concerts will be live on Facebook with free access.

Let’s discover here the Italian artists to play at NEW SKOOL rules 2021.


Cristina Russo & Neosoul Combo

Live May 29th

3:17 – 3:26 pm


Cristina Russo & Neosoul Combo are a new soul band from Catania consisting of Cristina Russo (voice), Angelo Di Marco (Piano / Keyboards), Mario Nasello (Bass), Marco Di Dio (Drum). An energetic and persuasive rhythm and blues sound, makes the Sicilian combo extremely engaging.






May 28th 10.20 pm
May 29th 3.28 pm
May 30th 10.02 pm



Arya is an Italo-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Daughter of Orlando Watussi, a well-known Venezuelan salsa singer, she started singing when she was very young, pairing up her natural drive towards music with singing lesson with Professor Andrea Tosoni. In 2018 she starts working with Atelier 71, an independent collective and music label based in Milan. At the end of 2018 her first single, A Distant Night, comes out, marking her first step as a solo artist. The following year sees the debut of her second single, Blossoms, with which she gains wider recognition. She presents her work for the first time at Biko in Milan, one of the most interesting soul clubs in the city, and other music temples in Italy, like Alcazar in Rome. Her style is warm and smooth, her lyrics are introspective and reflexive; she freely moves between nu soul and rap, hip hop and r’n b. From 2018 she also lends her voice as backing vocalist for important Italian artists, like Ghemon and Venerus. In 2020 her third single, Mad, comes out, leading the way to her debut album, Peace of Mind, which gains much success both from the critics (Rockol, I-D Italy, DLSO, Rockit, Radio Capital, Radio Bertallot) and the public.




Live May 29th

3:42 – 3:54 pm


LaHasna is an independent music artist originally from Morocco born and raised in Italy now based in Milan. Together with her music producer Salam Carther create a new world : #Sexytriste nostalgic, tribals, futuristics sounds with RnB touch all harmonized with chants and lyrics in Italian language by LaHasna. LaHasna raised with arabic, pop, rock & rob music culture at the age of 13 decides to study and get into music seriously. She moved in London for couple of years where here finally met her actual producer Salam Carther. Together they create a new music world in Italy with an international touch that brings all the listeners to discover their innerselfs without knowing the Italian language itself.




Live May 29th

3:56 – 4:08 pm


NEO TOKYO. Pharmaceutical company DIKE SERVICE is testing illegally memory replacement devices on human beings. Ron has been suffering of terrible headaches lately, he thought because of a bike accident. Meeting Maya will open up his eyes on why she calls that pharmaceutical company MURDAH SRVC. MURDAH SRVC (Murder Service) is and audio and visual project strongly influenced by Japanese pop culture. In an apocalyptic scenario, a manga and sci-fi tv series influenced comic takes place at the same time with dark, electronic music. The band, formed in 2017, has been performing internationally in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Japan.