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Giorgio Poi, Liberato and Emmanuelle among the Italian artists who are set to perform at Fiore Verde Festival in Paris

From the unbridled passion of the Parisian venue Le Trabendo for the extraordinary vitality and creativity of the new Italian music scene, we’re pleased to announce Fiore Verde: a brand new festival that celebrates Italian culture and music without any stereotype or cliché.

The idea for the Fiore Verde Festival originated in May 2022, in the midst of the post-pandemic spring on the notes of Rob and Jack Lahana’s “Haute Saison” sung by Thomas Mars (Phoenix) and Giorgio Poi. Listening to the song on repeat ignited the spark that led to the creation of an event with a festive and, above all, collective spirit.

A break from the hustle and bustle of working days, Fiore Verde will bring the hottest Italian acts to the suggestive Parc de la Villette, during four warm summer days. From Emmanuelle’s mesmerizing sounds to Giorgio Poi’s soulful songwriting all the way to the nostalgic tones of the Neapolitan phenomenon Liberato, the lineup will give a glimpse of the richness of Italy’s musical heritage in the name of conviviality and lightheartedness.

The festival is produced in collaboration with Italia Music Export, Cabaret Sauvage, Kermès, IIC Paris and Super.

When: June 15-18, 2023

Where: Parc de la Villette, Paris