Italian Band a/lpaca to play at Waves Vienna 2022

Waves Festival is a showcase and conference event held every September in Vienna, Austria.

Waves’ motto is „East meets West“; numerous international alternative, electronic, rock, and club acts will be performing around Vienna’s 9th district. Additionally local artists and sophisticated musicians from Eastern Europe form an essential part of the festival’s programme.


Italian band a/lpaca will perform on September 10th at Weberknecht from 19:00.



Directly from Mantua, a/lpaca is a psych-rock band. Their debut album, Make It Better, was released in March 2021 in four countries: Italy, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The rock atmospheres from the past and present are mixed in the various tracks, thanks to the combination of keyboards and guitars.

Live at Weberknecht

Saturday Sept 10th – H 19:00

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