Primavera Pro 2023: Join La Festa, The Italian Showcase and Reception

Four outstanding Italian acts are set to take the stages of this year’s Primavera Pro!

Primavera Pro is the global meeting point for the music world, opening a window on what’s new and the challenges of an industry in constant evolution. During the week of Primavera Sound, this commitment culminates in the celebration of the yearly international meeting in Barcelona. For 5 days, the state of the music business is debated with the best-known experts in the field, showcasing dozens of newcomer bands and giving access to all the tools necessary for professionals from all around the world who attend the meeting.

From May 31 to June 4, a selection of 29 artists from different export offices and institutions across the globe will take the stage at the Day Pro venue, situated within the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). Plus, the Night Pro stage at Parc del Fòrum will host its own array of shows and multiple showcases will be featured as part of the Primavera a la Ciutat program.

From European Vampire to Dagger Moth, all the way to Guatemala and RIP, learn more about the artists performing at La Festa, the Italian showcase that will take place during Primavera Pro, hosting its reception on May 31 from 4:30 p.m.



31.05 H 17.00 – Day Pro (CCCB)
31.05 H 20.20 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)
01.06 H 19.45 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)

European Vampire is the latest musical experiment of musician Lorenzo Sutto and producer Mark Ceiling, an intimate and romantic project that is also edgy and ruthless. The electronic duo-with-collective lies enigmatic and whimsical stories of moral decay and renaissance under pushing and voluptuous house beats and cinematic nuances. Their tracks follow a journey of enlightenment, of virtue and sin, of love and loss, sometimes adopting seductive French lyrics, sometimes the impulsive harshness of English. The duo released their latest album “FOREVER SPEEDING THROUGH DARKNESS” in January 2022 and then played extensively mainly across France and Italy.



31.05 H 15.20 – Day Pro (CCCB)
31.05 H 17.40 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)
01.06 H 16.00 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)

Started in the summer of 2012 Dagger Moth is the lonesome project of Sara Ardizzoni, eclectic guitarist (by choice) and singer (by chance). A kind of one-woman-band, weaving together electric guitar, minimal electronics, noises, loops and vocals in a weird balance of structure, melody and chaos. Throughout her career, she collaborated with several renowned musicians like Philippe Petit and Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine). Dagger Moth has performed at many different venues and played as an opening act for acclaimed artists such as Fennesz, Peter Hook, Shannon Wright and Keziah Jones. Her latest album “THE SUN IS A VIOLENT PLACE” was produced at home during 2020 lockdowns and released on October 3, 2022.



31.05 H 16.10 – Day Pro (CCCB)
31.05 H 19.00 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)
01.06 H 17.15 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)

Guatemala is an indie/alternative project grown in the current Apulian music scene. The Italian band pays homage to local musical traditions adding a modern twist that ranges from dreamy pop sounds to groovy funk rhythms. Their songs strive to communicate the feelings and experiences of younger generations – lost in an uncertain and hectic world – while finding their own freedom in music. They participated in several festivals and music events such as Onde Festival, where they joined Nu Genea and Populous as part of the line-up, and Reset Festival, where they worked on a new unreleased song (coming soon). The band recently released a new single “Messaggio” on March 2023.



01.06 H 22.15 – Night Pro (Parc del Fòrum)

RIP is the result of the human and musical relationship between Pierpaolo and Raffaele. The duo of musicians, songwriters and producers find their place in the musical world somewhere between Berlin techno, London electronica, Italian songwriting all with a pinch of ambient.Their artistic dimension could be represented by an acoustic guitar in a dj booth. Echoes and reverberation over stomping rhythms. Suggestive words over hypnotic beats. RIP is the touched and closer look of the current generation: reflective, fragile, but with a full energy and a desire
to dance.

Not only Primavera Pro: check out the Italian artists performing at Primavera Sound 2023

Make sure not to miss two outstanding Italian acts who will be performing in Barcelona and Madrid during the Primavera Sound weeks.


Boots, champagne and traces of lipstick. The image of Damiano David at the press conference after Måneskin’s Eurovision 2021 victory is now part of the iconic photo gallery of the historic contest; a shake-up the likes of which has not been seen for a long time at a TV gala. But there was life before Zitti e Buoni (their first EP dates to 2017, when the band’s members were still teenagers) and there is, of course, life after that addictive sidereal single. Måneskin‘s make-up already belongs to the first division of European hard rock and, above all, the band from Rome acts as a battering ram that has reminded the world of the Italian’s suitability for combining heartbreak and electric shocks with a dolce e amaro contrast.

June 3, 12:40 am – Amazon Music (Barcelona)

June 10, 12:40 am – Amazon Music (Madrid)


Is it possible to make music that sounds like liquid? And gas? And a mineral? Donato Dozzy and Neel have been trying to answer these metaphysical questions, as if they were a Zen enigma, since 2011 with the intoxicating frequencies of Voices From The Lake. Their warm and detailed ambient music scorns rhythm, ignores structure and embraces dreamlike elasticity. Already on their 2012 eponymous LP, the Italians made it clear that they know that all sounds (reminiscent of water? Glass? Wind?) contain a secret pulse that you can only discover if you lose yourself in their textures. Since then, Voices From The Lake have been releasing EPs that only raise this lucid dream to atmospheric pleasure.

June 2, 11:20 pm – Pull&Bear (Barcelona)

June 9, 11.30 pm – Pull&Bear (Madrid)