KeepOn LIVE becomes an association

The association, independent, apolitical, nonpartisan and nondenominational, groups operators, venues and associations that organize live music.

The statute, signed on March the 28th in Milan, expects that the association promotes the live music production value, prevalently autonomous and independent, of original live Italian music, so to encourage the pluralism of cultural production, to protect and develop the musical distribution without exemption of genre, with particular attention to jobs of artists in Italy and abroad.

Marco Manzella, founder of the KeepOn network (started in 2004) and now President of KeepON LIVE states: “After almost 14 years of networking activity, promotion and distribution of original Italian live music on the whole nation, venues and festivals have enquired to make a Sector association. So to take advantage of this undoubtedly positive period for the live music industry and to carry on activities dedicated to the cultural recognition, social and economical of all the professionals of this sector”.

Federico Rasetti, CEO and Vice President of KeepON LIVE states: “It will be a really representative association, that will group exclusively live musical professionals and that will develop around their directives, demands and needs. It will be inclusive and qualifying, also welcoming those small realities that wish to grow in this sector helping them to develop and strengthen”.

The support to venues, associations and musical festivals is the primary objective of this newly formed association and it is based on:

  • Representing and defending the interests of venues and festivals in the relations with institutional all levels.
  • Bringing economic advantages for the sustainability of cultural activities, with tight pacts that will bond with all institutions, participation to competitions, collective sponsorships, conventions, etc.
  • Live Parade, the first ranking of artists that play original live music, in those venues part of the KeepOn network; its distribution has the objective to legitimate the cultural, social and economic role of artistic directors and event planners of live music.

The KeepOn LIVE network gathers and represents live venues and Italian festivals located in the widespread on the whole national territory that promote original live music culture. An inclusive and qualifying association with its objective in valorize those businesses focused on concerts and their beneficial function by the cultural, social and economic point of view.

LIVE PARADE is the first ranking that rewards the best Italian live artists directly from the stages of our Country. Thanks to the indications given by the artistic directors and venue owners of all the live venues that have joined (approx.200). Every month it is possible to identify which are the best live acts of the moment, both from the well-known artist and from the emerging talents.