Lay Llamas new album ‘Thuban’ is out now

Lay LLamas new album ‘Thuban’ is out today on Rocket Recordings.
After sharing the first single ‘Silver Sun’ and premiering ‘Altair’ on Clash, the Italian-based astral-voyaging collective, led by Nicola Giunta, published today the full album ‘Thuban’.

Listen to ‘Thuban’ below:

Here’s below what Lay Llamas’s Nicola Giunta said about the new album release:

“After four years from the previous Rocket album ‘Ostro’ I’m so glad and proud to finally introduce to you a work that I consider an important step ahead in Lay Llamas’ music as well as in my own musical and artistic growth.

I would thank one by one all the great musicians involved with me in this record:

Sergio Pomante (sax), Andrea Davì (drums, percussion, marimba, vibes), Mirko Brigo (guitars), Nicola Sanguin (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, electronics), Mark Stewart (lead vocals), Enrico Di Stefano (sax), Carl Turney (drums), Brian Campbell (synth, noises, turntable), Guido Broglio (percussion, backing vocals), Edoardo Grisogani (drums), Goatshee (lead vocals), Luca Giovanardi (lead vocals).

Mix by Nicola Sanguin and Nicola Giunta.
Master by James Plotkin.
Sleeve concept and layout by Chris Reeder.
Artwork by me (Nicola Giunta).
Inner sleeve photo by Giulia Natalia Comito.

A really special thanks go to the amazing Chris Reeder and John O’Carroll at Rocket Recordings. All my love, respect and gratitude go to you guys.”