Lay LLamas announce their upcoming album ‘Thuban’

Four years on from Lay Llamas’ Rocket Recordings debut ‘Østro’, Lay LLamas, this Italian-based astral-voyaging collective, led by Nicola Giunta – have manifested a revelatory official follow-up in the form of ‘Thuban’ – a travelogue powered by a pan-global fascination with rhythmic hypnosis and an unquenchable experimental mindset.Thuban’ will be released on June 15th via Rocket Recordings.

True to form, ‘Thuban’ maps out terrain in which collaborators from Clinic and Goat contribute to the air of earthy vibrancy and fertile exploration. Moreover, Mark Stewart of The Pop Group’s spoken-word contributions to the searing ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ (styled by Nicola as ‘dystopian afrobeat’) steers the album to new pinnacles of intensity informed by science fiction yet with explicitly political force:

“’Thuban’ talks about ancient sea travels, ancient cultures, ancient rites, but also about today’s travellers, travellers from all ages” Nicola surmises, “Travellers that are still looking for their ‘Thuban’, for their polar star to reach a safe place to live with their family.”

Here’s ‘Thuban’‘s tracklist:
01 – Eye-Chest people’s dance ritual 
02 –  Holy Worms 
03 –  Silver Sun 
04- Cults and Rites from the black cliff (ft. Clinic) 
06 – Fight Fire With Fire (ft. Mark Stewart) 
07 – Chronicles from the Fourth Planet 
08 – Coffins on the tree, a black brain on our way to home

Listen below to the first single ‘Silver Sun‘ taken from ‘Thuban‘:

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