Listen to ‘Good Luck’ Not Waving’s new album out today!

Not Waving has finally dropped is new album ‘Good Luck’ via Diagonal records.
Listen to ‘Good Luck’ and read the review by below:

“Good Luck is a thrillingly positive record — like a big slice of pink and blue sponge cake, it’s delicious, sweet, creamy and wonderful. And that’s the thing: even the title feels like a much-needed injection of optimism, a return to the utopian ideals of rave. Contemporary politics/culture/life/love/music/media seem to be infected by a feeling of impending dread — of fear, alienation, division. Perhaps it’s the job of artists to present an alternative vision for the world [and music] rather than simply to reflect one’s reality back into the echo chamber of their own lives. It feels like there’s never been a more important time for a record like this.”  Read the entire review on 


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