Case Study: Italian trio Meduza and their team talk about their global success

Milan natives Meduza are taking the electronic music world by storm with their moody, melodic and energetic remixes and productions.
Tipped as the hottest signing of the Amsterdam Dance Event in recent years, Meduza opened their account with the Friendly Fires remix ‘Heaven Let Me’, mixing bright and assertive brass with a relentless groove, contrasting with the relaxed vocals. Their debut record ‘Piece of your Heart’ ft. Goodboys is already circulating amongst the most tuned in of ears and secured the aforementioned accolade, galvanising the most critical purveyors of dance music.

‘Piece of Your Heart’ smashed over 379 million Spotify streams, jumped straight to number two in the Official UK Singles Charts and it’s now leading the trio to play at the best and most relevant music festivals in the world.

Meduza just released their new single ‘Lose Control’ via Virgin Records Germany/Polydor Uk, they have been nominated at the prestigious Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and they will play ESNS 2020 next January.

We had an interesting chat with Mattia, Luca and Simone (aka Meduza) and with Serg and Kevin, their team from Club Class Music Management and Komplete Music Group to know more about their successful project.



How did the Meduza project start?
Mattia: Luca and Simone started working together almost 10 years ago on some projects, and then I met them some years later. We worked on a few projects over the years but the Meduza project formed when we were in the studio working on tracks like ‘Piece of Your Heart’.

Was ‘Piece of your heart’ the first song that you released?
We released a remix of Friendly Fires – ‘Heaven Let Me In’. You can find it on our Spotify profile.

Tell us more about the releasing process, did you upload the song on youtube/Soundcloud by yourself and then someone discovered you?
We’ve been working with management for a few years now on different ideas, and finally, the Meduza project took off with the release of ‘Piece of Your Heart’.

If someone else would like to follow your path, could you please give him/her three pivotal advice?
Always work with passion, follow what your heart tells you, and never give up on the music you love.

What’s next? Are you going to release another single, an album?
We have lots of plans for new music in 2020. For the rest of 2019, however, we will be mostly touring, working on music, and preparing for what’s to come next year.



Let’s now take a look at Meduza’s career from the management perspective:

Serg/Kevin, please tell us more about you and your job…
Myself (Serg) and Kevin both own management companies, Club Class Music Management on my side and Komplete Music Group on Kevin’s. We work together on multiple artist projects with our team using our years of experience in the music business to give our clients the best unique service possible, delivering a range of services including artist management, label management, publishing, A&R, merchandising and tour operations amongst other things, we cover all aspects of an artists career and bring more than 50 years experience between us in the music business.

When did you first hear about Meduza? Once they started working with you, did you plan an ‘export strategy’? 
Meduza was a project developed because of the track “Piece Of Your Heart”. We have worked with the guys for many years and helped them evolve as artists and producers the track made last year lead to the creation of Meduza. A strategy for the roll-out of the brand and music was tactically created and executed precisely as we do with all of our clients to give the music and brand the best opportunity possible from the start.

How did you build the team (mgmt +booking + label)? 
From the moment we began working together we built a strong, loyal and passionate team around our clients who take care of them on a day to day basis, be that the management team, the booking agents we work with (CAA and Spin Artist Agency) and the record labels across the globe from the Universal Music Family. We are always passionate about people who want to work with us and who see our vision, these are the people that want to build artists with us / alongside us / sharing our clients and our beliefs and forward-thinking. A feeling of family is important for us and our clients, we are a team and we want everyone working with us to feel they are a part of something special.

What do you think about the international music business? Is it open and receptive to hear new music from non-UK/US artists?
The international music business is forever growing and always changing. Movements in social media and marketing trends allow new ways to break music and develop artists but we must not forget it is the music business we work in, so it all comes from the music, Meduza is an Italian act where its first territory to break was the UK, it seems there is a trend of international acts breaking out of other countries rather than their own especially in electronic music which shows that the world is receptive to hearing new music from the non UK/US artists. The Internet age has helped this massively, as have phones which have a facility to stream music in various ways, this means people have far easier instant access to music globally, capturing their attention is key to success, it doesn’t matter where you are from anymore.

Could you please give Italian managers/artists three pieces of advice to try to succeed and break new markets?
Don’t copy others, find your lane, study the people you want to work with and send them ONE song you think is amazing. The quickest way to disengage managers and record labels is to send links with 10 records on, the magical track might be No8 on that list and will probably be missed. Finally…..
Listen and learn, work hard and stay humble.