Meet the Italian artists playing at ESNS 2024!

A meeting point for European music, Eurosonic Noorderslag is one of the biggest showcase festivals on the continent. In four days, the most current and promising acts get the chance to present themselves to an audience of music lovers and international music professionals.

Next year, the Dutch festival is returning to Groningen from January 17 to 20, and on this occasion, Italy will showcase some of its most exciting up-and-coming talents.

Discover all the Italian artists performing at ESNS 2024 and check them out in our playlist!


Genre: Pop Rock

Wed 17 JAN – Forum Rabostudio – 21:30-22:10

Colombre is Giovanni Imparato. Like the sea monster from which he takes its name – he rose up from the water by releasing his debut album ‘Pulviscolo’ in 2017. The Italian artist is like a creative centipede; producing and arranging music for colleagues, collaborating with IOSONOUNCANE and writing music for movies and Netflix series. No surprise, as his third album ‘Realismo magico in Adriatico’ is equally wondrous and cinematic.



Genre: Electronic

Wed 17 JAN – Simplon Upstairs – 22:10-22:50

Daniela Pes was born in Sardinia in 1992 with a voice and music that elude classifications and predetermined silos. Pes is immersed in the flow of music, as a singer, an instrumentalist and an electronic musician. In April 2023, she released her first album, ‘SPIRA’, produced by Iosonouncane. It represents the synthesis of Daniela’s many musical lives, which include a conservatory degree in Jazz Singing, a scholarship to the Nuoro Jazz Summer Seminars and the Tenco Award for Best First Work in 2023.



Genre: Pop Electronic

Thu 18 JAN – Simplon Upstairs – 22:10-22:50

ELASI, aka Elisa Massara, is an Italian songwriter/producer/singer and DJ who travels around the earth and explores surreal planets. A trained classical guitarist at the Conservatory, and an apprenticeship of electronic music production in a score composing studio in Los Angeles, ELASI impresses with her electro-world sound. In 2022 she released her second EP ‘Oasi Elasi’: a journey across a metropolis of synthesizers, drum machines and faraway lands of rhythms, traditional instruments and ritual choirs.



Genre: Electronic

Thu 18 JAN – Grand Theatre Up – 21:30-22:10

Laura Masotto is a classically trained Italian violinist in a state of constant exploration. She started studying violin at the age of five and launched her career at fifteen, performing concerts in chamber and symphony orchestras across Europe. In 2019 she released her first solo album ‘Fireflies’. Her last LP ‘WE’ blends strings with electronica and was released on 7K! Records in June 2021. Laura is now preparing her new album for 7K! for a release in January 2024.



Genre: Indie Rock

Wednesday to Thursday night 18 JAN – VERA – 00:10-00:50

Leatherette are Andrea, Francesco, Jacopo, Marco and Michele from Bologna, and their name comes from the iconic single ‘Warm Leatherette’ by The Normal. The Italian sound is a mockery of rock music and its aesthetics, a potpourri of punk outbursts, jazzy atmospheres and hints of no wave, generating a rich and composite sound, sometimes warm and cozy, sometimes harsh, scratchy and unpredictable. Second LP ‘Small Talk’ came out in November.



Genre: Indie

Fri 19 JAN – Lutherse Kerk – 22:50-23:30
Fri 19 JAN – PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) – 17:30-17:50

Marta Del Grandi is an award-winning jazz vocalist navigating new territory that crosses borders from West Coast ‘60s to ambient exotica, from plaintive Lynchian etherealism to dramatic Morricone scores. The versatile Italian-born singer-songwriter released her second album ‘Selva’ in October on Fire Records, and it’s her most intricate and shimmering effort yet. A refined devotional suite of astute pop that flows effortlessly, uniting emotional complexity, and featuring divine organic arrangements with a sci-fi finish.



Genre: Alternative Indie

Wednesday to Thursday night 18 JAN – De Machinefabriek – 00:10-00:50

The founders of Psyché have been active for almost twenty years as members of the Neapolitan scene. Their paths often crossed on side projects, until they found each other again in the rhythm section of Nu Genea. After the first tour with Nu Genea, they created Psyché driven by the desire to explore more minimal music. A fusion of psychedelia, groove and improvisation, Psyché’s music returns to the roots of our future; uniting ancient musical traditions and mixing them with modern genres.



Genre: Disco

Thursday to Friday night 19 JAN – Grand Theatre Main – 00:50-01:30

From the idea of Andrea de Fazio and Andres Balbucea, Parbleu defines itself as an “equatorial groove excursion”. The ensemble combines elements of cumbia, Afro-Caribbean & psychedelic rhythms with a French retro style that breathes summer sunset sounds, sea salt, and maracas. In May 2023, with the release of the new album “Elios” with Periodica Records, the band consecrates its sound, making it characterized and identifying the project.