Giorgio Poi, Pop X and Coma Cose chosen as Phoenix opening-acts in Paris concerts

«Gelato, Invités, Cinéma, Prosecco, Live Musique, Vending Machine, Discoteca et autres surprises…»

announced today three new concerts in Paris at La Gaîtée Lyrique with a fair share of Italian words. In fact, in addition to Italian ice-cream and wine, they will also have some Italian ‘invités’ (guests). The French band has chosen three Italian artists as special guests: Pop-x, Coma Cose and Giorgio Poi.

Phoenix tour is in support of their latest album ‘Ti Amo’ dedicated to Italy.

Pop X will play on May 26th.
Coma Cose will play on May 27th.
Giorgio Poi will play on May 29th.


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