She Is The Music International Songwriting Camp 2023: here are the names of the 13 participants

Italia Music Export and She Is The Music are excited to announce all the artists who will take part in their international songwriting camp dedicated entirely to creative women in music.

She Is The Music International Songwriting Camp will take place during Milano Music Week — a must-attend event that gathers all the major players in the Italian music industry — from November 20 to 24 at LePark studios (Milan), where six Italian artists will join seven international music creators for five exciting days of co-writing sessions.

This will be the first camp targeting 100% women powered by Italia Music Export: a great opportunity to provide space, support and visibility to women in music while giving Italian artists the chance to build long-lasting relationships with their international counterparts.

She Is The Music International Songwriting Camp is produced in partnership with CNM — Centre national de la musique, WBM — Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, VI.BE and The Spanish Wave.

Learn more about Matilde Davoli, Anna Bassy, Marta Tenaglia, HU, Emma Nolde, ceneri, Sila Lua, Xenia, Blu Samu, Sainte Victoire, Adja, ML, Reinel Bakole and check them out in our playlist!


Matilde Davoli debuts in the Italian alternative scene as singer and guitarist of avant-pop band Studiodavoli. The audience is captured by her beguiling and husky voice and by her stage performance in which she shines with her beloved guitar. Later on, Matilde puts together a highly eclectic electronic folk pop trio Girl with the Gun: these years mark important stepping stones in her career, since she obtains a degree in sound engineering and starts multiple collaborations. After living in London and starting a new path with the release her acclaimed first solo work “I’m Calling You From My Dreams”, she moves back to Italy, playing live shows and working as a producer/sound engineer. Her new record “Home” arises from the dichotomy between these two very different experiences: London and Salento. Today, Matilde’s music endeavour is in continuous evolution, both as producer and as resident sound engineer at Sudestudio (Salento, Italy).


Passionate about music and singing from a very young age, Anna Bassy is an Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter, born and raised in Verona. Reggae, soul, R&B and gospel are the genres she fell in love with, stimulating her over the years to explore the sound of her voice. She wrote her first unreleased tracks in 2016, originally conceived to be performed only with voice and guitar. In 2019 the project took shape and received the first support with a complete band giving new life to the arrangements. African roots emerged between soul, pop and electronic influences. To date she has performed over 80 concerts throughout Italy; she performed in Germany at the Reeperbahn Festival, in France at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and at the latest edition of The Great Escape Festival in Brighton (UK). On 15 October 2021 her debut EP “Monsters” was released, and the following year she was among the three Italian artists selected for the international Keychange programme. Her second EP “Genesi” came out 3 November via Needn’t.


Marta Tenaglia is a Milan-based singer-songwriter who made her debut in the fall of 2020 with the release of “Bonsai”. With “Alda Merini Centravanti” she was chosen as MTV New Generation’s “Artist of the Month” while her single “Osmanto” was included in Spotify’s EQUAL Italia. Thanks to her first releases, Marta made herself known and appreciated both by music professionals and among the public. Over time, her music has become increasingly unique and sophisticated: a fusion of her whispery, deep voice and her punchy signature sound has resulted in one solid, recognizable style. May 2022 saw the release of her debut album “Guarda dove vai”, which was presented at the renowned MI AMI Festival in Milan. During summer and fall 2022 Marta performs throughout Italy. On December 30, 2022, she presents “poetic/manifesto,” the track that will open her next record to be released in 2023.


HU (Federica Ferracuti) is considered one of the most promising artists on the electronic music scene of recent years. Born in a small town, she discovered her passion for music from an early age, building her background between jazz guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano, and later focusing on producing electronic music. Her obsession with sounds, synths and modulars, led her to create her own live set in which melodic techno and industrial blend.


Emma Nolde is a singer-songwriter born in Tuscany in 2000. Her debut album “Toccaterra”, released in 2020 by Woodworm/Polydor, was widely acclaimed by critics, who hailed Emma as one of the voices of the future of Italian music. “Toccaterra” made it to the final for Premio Tenco, an award for artists who have made significant contributions to Italian songwriting, in the Opera Prima section. In 2020 she played many shows that showcased her talent in live performance. Emma was also featured on Italian band Zen Circus’ 2022 album “Cari fottutissimi amici” with a song titled “Il diavolo è un bambino”. In 2022 she went back on tour with a new show, unreleased songs and new arrangements. With “Respiro” and “La stessa parte della Luna” she anticipated her second album “Dormi,” released in September 2022, proving once again that she is one of the most exciting young talents on the scene.


Irene Ciol, known as ceneri, is a Friulian singer-songwriter born in 2000. A relentless desire to experiment and create led her to engage, from a very young age, with painting and then photography, a passion she inherited from her grandfather and father. In 2016, thanks to a songwriting workshop, she approached music, which allowed her to find a way to tell her story, express and understand herself. In 2022 her first EP “Nello spazio che resta” produced by B-CROMA was released by peermusic ITALY, followed by a summer tour across major Italian cities. Almost a year after the release of the EP, which immediately entered the main editorial playlists such as Indie Italia, New Music Friday, Equal Italia with more than 4 million streamings, the EP “Nelle teste degli altri” was released on March 30, 2023, anticipated by the singles “Lucchetti” and “Appartamento”.


Sila Lua, Galician artist and producer based in Madrid, has been developing her own sound, somewhat in between the Spanish-speaking urban music and the European experimental electronic scene, since 2017, a genre-free blend resulting from her Spanish upbringing and her years living and studying music production in London. Her songs, which carry a strong lyrical message, detailed and well-thought productions, and a mysterious yet powerful elegance, have earned her the title of “Martian diva of the new dark European pop” by various specialized press outlets. At 25 years old, Sila Lua unfolds her full potential on stage, which she has already been able to share with artists such as Quevedo. Sila Lua achieved viral success last year with her songs ‘Nada’ and ‘Quiero Llorar’, part of the Official Soundtrack of the 4th season of the “Élite” Netflix series. This achievement gave her the opportunity to be commissioned to write “Tanta Vida”, Original Song of the Spanish series “La Edad de la Ira”. She is now presenting the first singles from her debut album “ROMPE”, out on November 4th 2022.


Xenia is the solo project of a young composer, producer, and performer based in Valencia. In 2021, inspired by electronic music bands and artists such as La Femme and Beach House, she decided to bring together all the space-related songs she had composed, giving life to her dystopian and apocalyptic debut EP, “Esfera”. This led her to become part of the exciting scene of dark bands that sing in Spanish. In 2022, Xenia released her first album, “Ruido-0”, a dark pop LP that is much more mature and fast-paced, while still retaining her underground roots and immersive sounds that characterize her music. Currently, Xenia is working on new music, fully immersing herself in her work as a producer, composer, and performer. She collaborates creatively to ensure that her work maintains a consistent aesthetic that encompasses the entire project.


From Portugal to Brussels, passing through Antwerp, 28-years-old Blu Samu, blends together a variety of genres, forms and tones, using her unique, deep soul voice as binder, walking the tightrope between joy and melancholy. Playfully, all the more intensely, she switches between English, French and Portuguese, carving her signature sound and keeping her narrative intact. After she debuted with her single “I Run” in 2017 and released her first two EPs “Moka” in 2018 and “Crtl – alt – del” in in 2019, Blu Samu met French producer Sam Tiba with who an enthusiastic creative conversation quickly started, boosted by a growing friendship that resulted in 2022 EP “7”. Gathering seven rebellious love ballads interpreted with exuberant elegance by Blu and punctuated with Tiba’s subtle electronic experimentations, the EP stands out like a gateway between Blu’s emotional, cultural, and artistic worlds, reuniting her youth’s idols (Missy Elliott and Sade), recalling Britain’s psychedelic R&B (Greentea Peng), alongside more traditional influences from her childhood.


Sainte Victoire sounds and resonates like a religious allegory. This young Parisian artist, author, composer, performer and producer, received a Jesuit Catholic education, which she hastened to sacrifice on the altar of her first artistic desires by composing bawdy songs. Sainte Victoire has a classical and a baroque training – she spent ten years playing the harpsichord at the Conservatoire, from six to sixtenne years old – and she likes to be off the beaten tracks. The handful of incandescent singles already released gave a glimpse of her singular personality’s contours: in the confessions of a one-sided love in “Only A Friend” and its nebulous synths (2021), in its hymn to solitude chanted under the Angelus bells introducing the tribal trance of “Hive Mind” (2021), in the vengeful spirit that reigns throughout “Empty” and its industrial beats (2022) as in the pop-electronic reverie of the ballad in tandem “Toute la Nuit” (2023) that had the chance to be playlisted in Spotify’s EQUAL.Her first EP “Cold Feet (How You Food-Poisoned Me)” builds bridges between industrial techno, gabber, hyperpop, neo folk, hip-hop, 70s kitsch but also baroque: an explosive mixture that ultimately resembles her.


Adja is a Brussels-based artist with big plans. Besides being a musician, she is also a theater-creator, in the process of developing what she herself calls “Sophisticated Soul in a hybrid concert format”. Soul, Jazz, R&B and Gospel take center stage, combined with a heavy dose of self-insight, empathy and humor to narrate the ever-transforming experience of her reality. The theater background she brings to the live shows add an extra dimension to our familiar concert form, where we are suddenly part of a sensory ceremony of self-reflection, confrontation and comfort. Adja won the music competition Soundtrack 2022 on the mainstage of Ancienne Belgique last year. She recently released her first singles, followed by her debut EP called ‘IRONEYE’ on February 24th. This in collaboration with groove-obsessed label Sdban Ultra.


“ML”, two letters, two initials for Maria-Laetitia Mattern. Singer-songwriter and composer, she’s also ex-lead singer of Sonnfjord, a pop-rock band that she founded with her brother in their hometown, Brussels. After writing in English for a few years, she, therefore, begins to write in French, as a desire to finally express the intimacy of doubts and torments in her native language. Can we really find ourselves by looking elsewhere? This is one of the questions ML asks in her second EP, “Ailleurs n’existe pas” (May 2023). Instinctively, this new EP is about vital impulse, the urge of living “here and now”, rather than desperately looking for a place that doesn’t exist. It follows her first EP « Changé » (co-produced by Sage, including a featuring with Flore Benguigui, lead singer of L’Impératrice), which illustrated in 2022 a new chapter for ML as a solo artist.


(photo by Yaqine Hamzaoui)

Reinel Bakole, at just 25 years old, has been making waves in the industry with her exceptional skills as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer. Her unique talent and fearless approach have garnered widespread recognition, solidifying her position as Belgium’s most promising artist in the genre.