SXSW: ten more Italian artists added to the festival line-up

2018 has begun and SXSW festival is getting closer: two months to go to Austin – Texas.
The music event will take place from the 12th to the 18th of March.
To celebrate the new year, SXSW added today more than 500 acts to its incredible line up. The updated list of artists features ten new Italian acts to the already unveiled ones Altre di B, Fabrizio Cammarata, Sonars, Violetta Zironi and Wrongonyou.

The new entries are: Christaux, Damien McFly, Denis The Night & The Panic Party, Espana Circo Este, The Jackson Pollock, Joan Thiele, Margo Sanda, Rachele Andrioli and Rocco Nigro, Weird Bloom and The Yellow Traffic Light.

Listen below to the newly announced Italian showcasing artists:


Damien McFly

Denis The Night & The Panic Party

Espana Circo Este

The Jackson Pollock

Joan Thiele

Margo Sanda

Rachele Andrioli and Rocco Nigro

Weird Bloom

The Yellow Traffic Light

Click here to read the full updated line-up.