Kiol chosen by Europavox for their Export Coaching programme

Europavox is launching the Coaching Export programme, the first of its kind to help develop the most exciting projects around right now. A selection committee had chosen 14 bands from 7 countries. Industry professionals, European music journalists as well as the audience have been able to discover them live during the EUROPAVOX Festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France) this weekend. The artists‘ professional entourage have been called before a jury that has evaluated the necessary capacity and motivation required for a career across the international market.

Among the seven winners, we find Kiol.
Kiol will have an opportunity to develop his career overseas. A concrete set of actions ranging from free PR and networking to touring and residencies in one or more countries out of the 7 involved in the programme. (France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Greece and Croatia).


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