Ninos Du Brasil in Pop Montréal festival’s line-up

Ninos Du Brasil is a project whose origins and background have remained shrouded in mystery.
Dedicated to a bold and unlikely mixture of noise, batucada, samba and electronic, their sporadic live appearances have already become legendary and mythological.
Ninos Du Brasil’s concerts can create some of the biggest festival style parties on the dance floor.

Pop Montréal festival will become the place for one of these legendary live shows, mark your agenda: September 30th at the Theatre Rialto from 3.00 am.

POP Montréal International Music Festival is a non-profit community organization that supports independent art forms, showcasing emerging and celebrated artistic talents worldwide. Now entering its 17th year, POP Montreal’s main event is a five-day long festival of music and art, which takes place in early fall, presenting more than 450 bands. It will take place from the 26th to the 30th of September.

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