Best Italian Albums of 2017

2017 has been a super creative year for the Italian music scene, so here’s a summary: the best albums according to the most influential Italian music magazines.

Polaroid – Carl Brave x Franco 126

Romantic trap music made in Rome’s ancient alleys: something that before this album simply didn’t exist.
Listen: Pellaria (prod. Carl Brave)

Fa Niente – Giorgio Poi

Psychedelic pop rooted in the Italian songwriting tradition.
Listen: Tubature

Infedele – Colapesce

With this album, Colapesce brought Italian pop to a new level of complexity.
Listen: Totale

L’amore e la violenzaBaustelle

Inspired by the orchestral scores of Morricone and disco-music maestro Moroder, Baustelle released the perfect pop album.
Listen: Amanda Lear

Album – Ghali 

A Milanese-Tunisian rapper who went far beyond rap: his stunning videos made him famous and his first album, a playful mix of pop and trap, was critically acclaimed.
Listen: Happy Days

Io in terra – Rkomi

One of the best artists from the new generation of Italian rappers.
Listen: Milano Bachata ft. Marracash

Patterns of consciousness – Caterina Barbieri

A brightly colored mix of synths and various music patterns drawing severe geometries in time and space.
Listen: Scratches on the Readable Surface


Graziosa utopia – Edda

One of Italy’s most abrasive crooners, and his most inspired album.
Listen: Signora

A casa tutto bene – Brunori Sas

Heir to the Italian traditional songwriters, Brunori has now crafted his own unique style.
Listen: La verità


Terra – Le luci della centrale elettrica

Can rock be spiritual, deep, layered and still be fun? “Terra” is the positive answer to this question.
Listen: A forma di fulmine

Bonus: staff picks

Azulejos – Populous

A wholehearted homage to Lisbon, a joyful celebration in music and colours with pounding beats and soothing melodies.
Listen: Azul Oro ft. Ela Minus

A thousand skies – Clap! Clap! 

An explosive fusion of just about everything — african music, house, electro, footwork, hip-hop, brass blowouts: all magically taking the listener through an interstellar trip.
Listen: Ode to The Pleiades

Sonic Boomerang – Bee Bee Sea

Frenzied catchy psych-punk and music fun in the first place.
Listen: D.I. Why Why Why

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