Italia Music Export goes to SXSW festival!

We’re packing and almost ready to fly to Austin for the big and awaited SXSW festival, one of the most relevant festivals in the world showcasing emerging talents in music, film and technology.

Italia Music Export will be there from the 12th to the 18th of March to support and promote Italian artists showcasing in Austin: as you may already know, 15 acts from our country will bring their music to the U.S. (click here to learn more about them!).
During the day, you can find us at the Italy@SXSW stand (1625) at the Austin Conference Center, while at night you can join us in various venues hosting Italian artists’ shows around the city. We’ll be more than happy to meet you!

Don’t miss the two official Italian showcases at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room and Stephen F’s Bar on March 15th and 16th: Sounds from Italy showcases are brought to you by FIMI (The Italian Federation of Phonographic Industry) and ITA (Italian Trade Agency) with the participation of Italia Music Export.

See you in Texas guys!


Mark your agendas: Italian artists playing at SXSW 

9th March
Sonars at BackYard Sheraton – 5:00 pm

12th March
Sonars at Austin Convention Center stand 11.29 – 12:00 pm
Fabrizio Cammarata at Hilton Cannon & Bell – 6:00 pm

13th March
Fabrizio Cammarata Convention Center Stand 1625 – 2:30 pm
Christaux at Convention Center Stand 1625 – 4:15 pm
Bruno Belissimo at Convention Center Stand 1625 – 4:40 pm
Fabrizio Cammarata at Westin Austin Downtown – 6:00 pm

14th March
Violetta Zironi at Austin Convention Center 1625 – 01:30 pm
Fabrizio Cammarata at Hyatt Regency – 6:00 pm
Fabrizio Cammarata at Fairmont – 7:00 pm
The Yellow Traffic Light at The Velveeta Room – 8:00 pm
Weird Bloom at The Velveeta Room – 9:00 pm
Christaux at The Velveeta Room – 10:00 pm
Wrongonyou at The Velveeta Room – 11:00 pm
Joan Thiele at The Velveeta Room – 00:00 am
Bruno Belissimo at The Velveeta Room – 01:00 am
Violetta Zironi at CU29 – 01:00 am

15th March
Fabrizio Cammarata at Marriott South – 6:00 pm
Violetta Zironi at Hotel Van Zandt – 6:00 pm
Sonars at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room- 8:00 pm
The Jackson Pollock at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – 9:00 pm
Weird Bloom at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – 10:00 pm
Joan Thiele at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – 11:00 pm
Denis The Night & The Panic Party at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – 00:00 am
Altre di B at Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room – 01:00 am
Espana Circo Este at Russian House – 1:00 am

16th March
Violetta Zironi at Austin Convention Center (The Atrium) – 11:45 am
Espana Circo Este at Austin Convention Center – International Stage – 5:00 pm
Sonars at Swiss Embassy – 6:00 pm
Denis The Night & The Panic Party at 720 Club – 8:00 pm
Blindur at Stephen F’s Bar – 8:15 pm
Violetta Zironi at Stephen F’s Bar – 9:15 pm
Wrongonyou at Stephen F’s Bar – 10:15 pm
Fabrizio Cammarata at Stephen F’s Bar – 11:15 pm
Damien McFly at Stephen F’s Bar – 12:15 am

17th March
Fabrizio Cammarata at Flatstock at Convention Center- 12:30 pm
Altre di B at Embassy Suites – 05:00 pm

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